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Thoughtful Gifts for Every Love Language

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Gifts for Someone Whose Love Language Is Receiving Gifts

Buying a present for someone whose love language is receiving gifts might sound intimidating at first, but it's actually quite simple. The receiving gifts love language is sometimes misconstrued for materialism, but more often than not, the gesture is far more important than the actual gift itself. Your other half just wants to know that you are thinking about them, and presenting them with any kind of token—big or small—will make them feel valued and loved.


Receiving gifts makes this person feel loved, so it makes sense that an extra-sentimental present will make them feel extra loved. A keepsake piece of jewelry is a nice gesture, especially when it comes with an added layer of meaning, like your partner's birth flower. Each necklace and bracelet is available in sterling silver or 18-karat gold. 

Rose Lives

Those with the love language of receiving gifts appreciate thoughtfulness in a present above all else. This unique ornament will stand as a testament to your love and commitment. The Galaxy Rose is contained in a beautiful glass dome on a handcrafted wooden base. Inside, the flower is decorated with twinkling fairy lights and a gold stem.


The most wonderful time of the year? Their birthday, of course. Celebrate with these one-of-a-kind, blown glass globes. There's a colorful bulb matched up with each month, along with an insert explaining the lovable qualities people born at that time share.


BloomsyBox will deliver a beautiful bouquet to your loved one's doorstep every month featuring fresh, seasonal flowers. Each subscription order contains a unique handpicked bouquet. Seasons change and so will your Bloomsy Box!

Star Map

Here's one last super-meaningful present for anyone whose love language is receiving gifts. A map of the night sky from any significant date is one heck of a memento. Add the date, location and exact coordinates under the map, as well as a sweet, personal message.

Gifts for Someone Whose Love Language Is Words of Affirmation

For some, actions speak louder than words, but for others, words are as good as it gets. If your loved one's love language is words of affirmation, simply communicating love, praise and affection will make them feel appreciated. That said, special occasions like the holidays might call for a little more than verbal expression. Here are five thoughtful words of affirmation gifts you can give to your loved one.

Fill in the Love

Fill in the blanks of a Fill in the Love® gift book, and voilà: you have an expressive gift for anyone you love. When you fill in the blanks, it becomes the only book of its kind in the universe: a unique, personalized gift for someone you love.


Telling someone you love them every day is a great start, but there are lots of other ways to give words of affirmation. These cute cuff links resemble tiny envelopes, which can be filled with a personalized note on teeny pieces of cardstock. These adorable accessories will allow your loved one to carry a compliment with them everywhere they go.

Love Box

This cool gadget is another incredibly unique way to express love and support. Give them the box, then use an app on your phone to send a message. The heart on the front of the box will start to spin around, indicating new correspondence. The black and white version displays messages and emojis, while the color version can also display photos.


With VidDay, you can put your sentiments in a short but meaningful video. The best part? You can invite your other half's friends and family to participate, so they'll get an extra dose of love and encouragement from all their favorite people. Once everyone has submitted their messages, you can edit and reorder them to create a heartfelt montage.

Gifts for Someone Whose Love Language Is Physical Touch

Believe it or not, physical touch love language gifts come in many forms. From luxuriously soft loungewear to lingerie, there are lots of creative ways to incorporate this love language into the gifts you buy for your loved one. In fact, there are even super-thoughtful physical touch gifts for people in long-distance relationships.

Massage Candle

This gift is much more than just a scented candle (although it does smell pretty amazing). Once the candle has melted and been extinguished, it doubles as soothing massage oil. It's made from jojoba and soybean oils that'll soften your significant other's skin as you gently massage them. Anyone whose love language is physical touch will appreciate the relaxing and intimate experience of receiving a massage from their partner.

Bond Touch

Whether you're long-distance lovers or you just like to stay close throughout the day, these genius matching bracelets are a great gift idea. Send physical sensations to each other without actually needing to be in the same room. When one of you taps your bracelet, the other's will light up and vibrate, letting them know you're thinking of them.

Hug Blanket

What’s a gift that keeps on hugging? A Piwaka super soft hug blanket! This sherpa fleece blanket is a heartwarming gift to give a family member, relative, or best friend. You’ll be able to give your loved ones a daily dose of healthy hugs from a distance with this sherpa blanket.


Sure, giving your loved one a traditional massage is a great way to honor their love language. But if regularly getting your hands on them is a challenge, they might benefit more from a massage with the Shiatsu neck and back massager. This gadget has an ultra-quiet motor, adjustable speed range and soothing heat function. All in all, it's an awesome physical touch-inspired gift idea.

Hand Molding

This hand molding kit is a great way to capture the moment and hold hands in the process. The Dylan & Rylie hand molds casting kit makes it easy to show that you care and can last for years to come.

Gifts for Someone Whose Love Language Is Quality Time

Time is a precious commodity, and choosing to spend it consciously with your loved one is a surefire way to show them you care. For those whose love language is quality time, it's an even more important aspect of your relationship. Searching for a gift that'll let you spend some sweet alone time together? Look no further, because I've found five awesome gift ideas for anyone with quality time as their primary love language.

Adventure Challenge

An invitation for anyone who wants to leave a legacy of memories with their loved ones, with options for couples, families and friends. The Adventure Challenge helps you obliterate boredom, break out of ruts, discover new favorite traditions, and create those moments that you'll tell stories about for years. 50 exciting and creative activities: Boring board games are a thing of the past. Until you scratch it off, your adventure is a mystery!


Give the perfect getaway—everything from lakeside cabins to secluded beach houses to apartments in the heart of the city. Give immersive Experiences, from guided tours to lessons to tastings, led by local experts. Airbnb gift cards never expire.


This is the party game real couples have been waiting for. It is an interactive game of fun questions meant to make you laugh with your partner. It is not a 'get to know you' game or overly mushy gushy or lovey-dovey... just fun! Whether you're taking your relationship to the next level, just moved in together, or been married for a decade. You can even play against other couples!


Strengthen the parent-child relationship. Designated pages for both parent and child to write for a shared journaling experience. A safe place to communicate, connect, and express yourselves freely. Perfect for fathers or mothers to do with their children and is also ideal for foster parents, adoptive parents and grandparents.


You can't go wrong with a movie night! And this box comes with it all, including a code for a Redbox movie rental. 

Gifts for Someone Whose Love Language Is Acts of Service

Last but not least on our list: act of service gifts. There are so many ways to practice this unique love language with your loved one, from taking responsibility for a chore they don't like to running them a bath when they're feeling stressed. If there's a special occasion or holiday coming up, doing the grocery shopping might not feel like a big enough gesture to let them know how much you appreciate them. Instead (or additionally!), check out these thoughtful act of service love language gift ideas.


Remember those DIY coupons you used to give your mom on Mother's Day? Well, that's exactly the kind of gift that's really appreciated by someone whose love language is acts of service. These wood tokens are an elevated version that are an excellent gift. Choose 10 coupon ideas from a selection of 40 depending on what you think they'll appreciate most.

Bed Tray

Breakfast in bed is the quintessential act of service gift, especially on holidays. Prepare a delicious spread for your loved one and serve it on this wooden tray, which can be used again and again for future impromptu breakfasts in bed (prepared by you, of course).


Does someone you love start every single day with a steaming cup of coffee? Sign them up for a monthly coffee subscription so they no longer have to pick it up at the grocery store. Once it arrives, show them you really care by vowing to take over brewing duty. It's an especially fitting act of service gift for the holidays—who doesn't love a hot drink in cold weather? Tea drinkers can check out Atlas Tea Club for a similar subscription service.

Wash Car

If your loved one has a car that they spend a lot of time in, have it professionally detailed and serviced. Making sure they have a clean, safe ride really shows that you care. 

Clean House

Clean the house how they like it! Or better yet, hire a monthly cleaning service, even if just to do the deep cleaning (like dusting, floors, baseboards and windows).  This act of service can really go a long way. 

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