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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Jody Valkyrie

Owner, Jody Valkyrie

Do you sell gift certificates?

I am no longer selling gift certificates. However, existing gift certificates are still being accepted for redemption.


Are you covered by health insurance?

As a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and allied health professional, Therapeutic Massage treatments are covered by most extended healthcare insurance policies. I do not bill your insurance, however. You pay me directly and I provide an itemized receipt at your request that you may submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Please note: You are responsible for obtaining the details of your insurance plan. In many cases you will be required to provide a letter of medical necessity for massage therapy from your physician. 


What are my payment options?

I accept payment by cash, debit, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. I also accept payment by card for FHA's and HSA's, but please check with your carrier about coverage for treatments.


Why do you need credit card information?

In order to schedule a session, a credit card is needed to hold your appointment time.  This policy has been implemented in order to protect my business from client liabilities. 

Credit Card information is always securely held through a third-party financial system that is of Industry-leading security and is ISO 27001 certified (I do not personally see anyone’s stored credit card information). Credit cards on file are not charged unless the client fails to appear for their appointment or cancels their appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, as per my cancellation policy.


Is your location ADA accessible?

Yes. There is accessible parking available, and my office is located on the main level of the building with no steps to climb. 


Do I have to take my clothes off?

With the exception of Coaching/Consulting, Energy Therapy and Foot Reflexology, expect to disrobe to your comfort level (most undress to their underpants, but your birthday suit is acceptable as well). You will be draped for modesty with a sheet and blanket for comfort and only the areas that are being worked on will be exposed. I always adhere to the state requirements for proper draping. 


What kind of oil do you use?

I use fractionated (liquid) organic coconut oil and unscented massage lotion, free of paraben preservatives or propylene glycol.


Do you offer Prenatal Massage?

I do not currently provide prenatal massage therapy. However, Foot Reflexology and Energy Therapy are great for moms-to-be!


Do you do Deep Tissue?

True Deep Tissue therapy is not about the amount of pressure. It is a massage modality that focuses on releasing muscular restriction and tension in deeper layers of muscles within the body, beneath the superficial muscles. Knowledge of the muscles' directions, layers and tendon attachments is required to properly access the deeper problem areas. When deep tissue work is required, it is a therapist's patience and focus--not physical force--that allows for access to these layers. For lasting results and not just temporary relief, It's all about working WITH the muscles, soft tissues and even the nervous system, not against them. 

Now that I've cleared up that common misconception, YES! I do provide deep tissue therapy. As a clinically trained Orthopedic Massage Therapist, this is one of my specialties. If you are looking for excessive pressure and brute force however, this is not the right place for you.


Do you work with people who have cancer?

I certainly do. I completed certification in Oncology Massage Therapy over a decade ago. I also have training and experience working to release scar tissue from biopsies, mastectomies and amputations. For the comfort of women in particular, my massage table is equipped with breast recesses so that there is less pressure on your chest while lying face-down. For those undergoing chemo or radiation therapy, it is best to wait as least one day after treatment before receiving massage.


Should I pay a tip?

Gratuity is optional, but always appreciated. It also helps reduce the possibility of future rate increases to make up for the ever-increasing cost of overhead. 

I'm sick. Should I keep my appointment?

If you are sick with a fever, vomiting, or otherwise active and transmutable infection, you MUST cancel your appointment. Your session will be safer and more enjoyable and affective once you feel better. Please note the 24-hour cancellation policy still applies in the event of illness or emergency. You are always welcome to send someone else in your place to avoid any cancelation fees, just give me a heads-up of the change.


Do you accept walk-ins?

I do not. It is imperative that you have an appointment scheduled prior to your visit. You may do so right here.


I'm self-conscious about [ _________]   (fill in the blank) ...

I've been doing this for over 15 years. I've seen it all before. Relax. Take a breath. You're beautiful. :)

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